About us

New Generation Rentals Ltd puts the power back into the hands of its customers. Offering flexible leasing with better cars and more cost-effective deals.

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NG Rentals was born out of 20 years of experience and a pure frustration at the way existing vehicle leasing contracts can end up hurting companies & private Individuals. We promise a fresh new concept that’s going to change the confusing and inflexible industry for the better by turning it completely on its head.

Why Us?


Traditional car leasing contracts are up there with gym memberships for rigid deals that are impossible to cancel. Put simply; they cause frustration and cost money. NG Rentals changes all that and gives the customer what they want.

Eco aware

NG Rentals launched in 2019 and will be looking at new emerging GREEN markets, we pride ourselves on our GREEN credentials. NG Rentals will be looking at bring all available Hybrid and Electric cars & light commercials onto its fleet as soon as they launch.

Peace of mind

Our customers are not tied into long-term deals, and won’t be asked to pay up-front charges (which can amount to nine months’ payment in advance), meaning companies and individuals can control cash flows and have the peace of mind of knowing they can upgrade or downgrade at any time.


A flexi product by NG Rentals.


No lengthy

within 24hr

No maintenance

New cars or
commercial vehicles

Short term hire
1 - 12 months

Small up
front deposits

Business or
personal leases

Choice of packages to suit

Which means companies can plan for the future with a little bit more flexibility and save their fleet budget into the bargain. A company can lease cars for – say – a temporary sales campaign and return them to us with no strings attached once they’re no longer needed. Or perhaps you need some vans to cope with a short-term contract or a sales spike? We promise deals that won’t tie you down in the long-term. We offer deals that reflect the needs of a modern business, and that means flexibility and an end to wasteful long-term deals.

Welcome to flexible leasing